An “evergreen” business opportunity…

Not my words, but that of a recent potential franchisee I spoke to. We were talking about how great cakes are something which simply never goes out of demand – people will always want them and buy them, especially when they’re as good as the ones at Eggless Cake Shop.

Business is certainly ticking over very nicely right across the network. Even when there are occasional small dips in sales – usually just due to the normal ups and downs of people’s lives – the head office team are always keen to re-engage with their customers using social media and new product launches. Those cakes are usually flying out the door again before they know it!

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Whether you’ve been reading my emails ever since this launched as a franchise opportunity 6 months ago, or are new to the Eggless Cake Shop franchise, you can see everything I have sent out over on the Eggless Cake Shop franchise blog page.

It’s a great place to learn more about how this opportunity works and what makes it so special, so it would be well worth your time revisiting. Here are some of the highlights:

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