Is now really a good time to start your own business?

When is the right time to launch your own business?

I completely appreciate it can be hard to know if you’re coming or going with the economy these days, and it can sometime feel like this is an impossible question to answer. Should you wait until the summer, or the winter? Should you wait and see if interest rates go up or down? Should you wait until after the election?

Well, the answer could be a lot simpler than you think:

The right time to start a business is when you find the right opportunity!

It’s all too easy to feel a bit cautious about investing in a new business right now. The fact is, however, that building a better, more secure, more rewarding future for yourself has never been as important as it is right now, and a top-performing franchise like the Eggless Cake Shop offers you exactly that.

Great cakes never go out of demand

The British public will never stop loving cake. It doesn’t take them much to think of a good reason to tuck into a slice of something tasty but, at the same time, reasons to celebrate never go away. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, special holidays you name it – they will always be better with cake! Even as a little luxury, cakes are an affordable treat people will always want!

Even back during Covid, sales only dipped for a couple of weeks while the shops adapted to keeping everyone safe. Eggless Cake Shops were among the first places customers flocked back to!

A simple business model

Running an Eggless Cake Shop is something which is accessible to anyone with the right attitude who wants to launch a successful business. All the baking is done for you, with delicious cakes brought right to your shop every day, so there’s no need to spend loads of time and money on learning new skills. The Eggless Cake Shop team can teach you everything you need to know!

Low overheads + low investment = easier to turn a profit

As all cakes are pre-made offset and delivered to you for finishing, there’s no need for baking equipment, extraction, or other expensive kit in your new shop. That also mean you don’t need any extra zoning permission from local authorities in the same way you would with a restaurant or bakery. Any modest sized, much more affordable, retail unit will work perfectly.

All of this also means the setup costs for getting started are much, much less than if you wanted to launch your own bakery or cake shop from scratch.

Less risky than going it alone

Starting your own business is never easy, but going it alone is even harder. There are so many obstacles to overcome, but that’s the biggest advantage to being part of a well-established franchise like the Eggless Cake Shop. They’ve already been through it all and perfected a business model which can not only survive anything the economy throws its way, but positively thrive! By partnering with them, you can enjoy the same resilience and robust business model.

So, why wait for the “perfect time” when you can make it happen instead?

The first step couldn’t be easier – just set a time when we can have a chat. I can take you through exactly how an Eggless Cake Shop franchise can help you launch that business you’ve always dreamed of, and answer any questions you have.