About Us

Our Story

Eggless Cake Shop was founded by Bill Aulak, a young British entrepreneur with extensive experience in the cake and cake-baking industry, from Walsall in the West Midlands. He always aspired to starting his own business, but had yet to find a model which really engaged all his skills, passion and energy.

When he became a vegetarian, he begun to realise how difficult it still was for those with alternative diets to find foods that matched their needs. He found himself time and again standing in supermarket aisles turning over each and every food packet to double check the ingredients before buying. Bill quickly realised that if every day shopping was this challenging for him as a vegetarian, it must be even more of a chore for those with more restrictive diets such as celiacs and vegans, or even just those with intolerance to certain common ingredients.

From this simple realisation, it also occurred to Bill just how many people must then be missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures: sweet, delicious cake. As far as Bill was concerned, this nightmare ended there and then!

Bill’s Mission

Bill set out to create a place where those with different diets could simply walk in and be sure to find what they needed. Somewhere their needs and preferences would be treated not just as normal, but as an opportunity to dive into even deeper layers of deliciousness.

So, in 2011, he opened the first fully branded Eggless Cake Shop store in Wolverhampton. It was an immediate success beyond even Bill’s wildest imaginings. As word spread, customers were travelling from all over the Midlands and Birmingham to get their slice of the action, and it soon became obvious that one little cake shop just wasn’t going to cut it.

Bill opened a second store in nearby Smethwick later that year and, after opening up the business as a franchise, has since grown the brand to more than 2 dozen locations right across the UK. Unfortunately, so many places still sadly lack a vibrant sweet-toothed presence in the heart of their community which caters to everyone. Happily, however, that also means there are still plenty of opportunities for people like you to join us!

Is it time you had your cake, and ate it too?