Have you seen the Eggless Cake Shop TV ad yet?

It’s a real cracker! Check it out here:

Eggless Cake Shop Christmas Advert

It’s colourful, it’s professional, and it really captures the delicious product. With an advert like this, it’s no wonder that this is one of the busiest times of year for Eggless Cake Shop owners. With some special seasonal treats topping off their usual, fantastic year-round offerings, delicious treats are flying out the door almost faster than they can stock them!

Regardless of the area, or whether or not there is a strong non-Christian community nearby, it seems everyone sees this time of year as an opportunity to celebrate… and where there’s a celebration, there’s got to be a cake!

As you can imagine, this sort of high-quality, professional advertising isn’t cheap or easy. It’s way beyond the capability of most individual businesses, but that’s one of the biggest advantages of joining of a well-established franchise like this one. You’ll be part of their marketing campaign, and enjoy the kind of coverage and reach which only comes from being part of something bigger.

Not seen the ad? There’s a very good reason…

As TV ads can be targeted regionally, the reason you probably haven’t seen it is.. because there isn’t an Eggless Cake Shop near you yet!

Which is where you come in, of course. The Eggless Cake Shop franchise already operates out of more than 30 locations in the UK, but there are hundreds of towns and cities who are still waiting to get a taste of their sweet, cakey joy.

So, why not think about getting in on the action in 2024? The first step is to get in touch

I’m here to help, not to put you under any pressure, so please don’t ever feel you are tying yourself to anything if we have a call. I’m not ever going to give you the hard sell, and this first step is all about helping you to understand what is involved in the franchise.

I’m an independent consultant, not an employee of the Eggless Cake Shop. My role working for them isn’t to sell as many franchises as possible – it’s to find the right people to be their partners.

What that means is that I am not going to be pushing you to get involved regardless of whether you are ready or not. The purpose of us having a call is to make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision about taking this further. It’s not about selling you the franchise – it’s about both of us understanding our options.

So, why don’t we have that chat? Worst case scenario is that we both decide this isn’t for you. Best case is that this could be the first step in changing your working life forever.

Just click the button at the bottom of this email to schedule a call.