How community engagement is helping Eggless Cake Shop owners sweeten the deal

Despite the constant ups and downs of the economy, Eggless Cake Shops are still bustling hubs of their local community where you will always see plenty of customers. The franchise has recently opened 3 new locations in Canada, proving this is a concept with both national and international appeal, and they’re also seeing a great deal of interest in a number of new locations across the UK.

So, what is it that makes Eggless Cake Shops so successful?

Well, just like their delicious cakes, it’s a mixture of things – a fantastic blend of ingredients which make them stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, is their unique range of products of course, but that’s just the base. The icing on the cake is how quickly the stores become real destinations for so many people whether it’s buying a daily treat, or something for a special occasion. By becoming a part of the community, Eggless Cake Shop owners have access to opportunities for growing their business many companies can only dream of.

That’s where the final secret ingredient comes in, of course: people like you.

Ambitious, talented, community minded-people are taking the model and products an Eggless Cake Shop franchise offers them, and really flying with it. Here are some of the amazing things franchisees have been doing to boost their profile and get even more people in the door. They could also be fantastic ways for you to enjoy a much fast return on investment with your own store:

  • Going to local events to spread the word and network with a wide range of local people and businesses
  • Leaflet drops in residential areas – not just simple A5 leaflets, but full colour menu-type leaflets which can really make your mouth water!
  • Donating cakes to local charity events, such as MacMillan Coffee Mornings. This not only creates positive feeling, but gets people trying the cakes!
  • Special launch events and promotions where they invite local politicians and celebrities – and butter them up with some treats, of course!

Of course, this all means extra work on your part to get the desired effect, but the point is: if you have the skills and dedication, an Eggless Cake Shop franchise could well be the recipe for success you’ve been waiting for. For the right person, it can offer an amazing head start and a powerful platform from which you can grow a very successful and lucrative business with the support of an expert team.

Could that be you?

Then let’s talk! I can take you through more details of how an Eggless Cake Shop franchise could work for you and answer any questions you have.