What do Eggless Cake Shops always have so many customers?

Did you know that in medieval times, February was known as “the month of cakes”? Or that the oldest known reference to cakes for special occassions in Britain goes way back to the 8th century? I’m betting people were baking cakes in this country well before that because the simple fact is that the British absolutely adore them! I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Cakes for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, Eid – even just a little Friday treat, or a gift for a friend. There is no time of year when we don’t love buying – and eating – cakes, and it’s not like these are one off purchases. Customers just keep on coming back time and time again for more of that tasty, cake-y joy. In fact, we spend more than £360million a year, just on cakes!

There’s no doubt it’s a great business, and an Eggless Cake Shop franchise can make it easier than ever before for you to tap into the never-ending demand of Britain’s sweet tooth.

The Eggless Cake Shop franchise can help you setup right where your customers need you, without breaking the bank

Setting a business in retail can be expensive, and a Food & Beverage business even more so. It can be incredibly hard to find the right site, make sure it’s fit for purpose, and meets all the legal requirements.

Not so with an Eggless Cake Shop franchise!

Only a small site required. We recommend a minimum of just 800 sq ft. for your new shop, making prime locations with great footfall all that more affordable.

Only A1 zoning required. An Eggless Cake Shop requires only regular retail shop zoning from local authorities, meaning you can easily take over an existing retail site without paying to have it reclassified, like you would with a restaurant.

No expensive equipment. No cooking is done on site, so there’s no need for expensive equipment such as extractor fans or ovens, and none of the extra cost or legal requirements that come with them.

No expensive outfitting. No tables and chairs, no customer toilets, no licensing fees. Just you, your cakes, and plenty of customers coming in and out all day!

Did you know there is also no VAT on cakes? That’s how essential a part of life we consider them here in the UK! For you as a business owner, that means an easier time keeping your prices competitive, and a whole lot less paperwork to do at the end of the year.

Ready to build that future you always dreamed about? Or need more info?

If you’re ready to make your move, then I am more than happy to help you head in the right direction! However, I appreciate this a decision you should spend some time thinking about. After all, joining a franchise like the Eggless Cake Shop is a life changing decision, even though it will be a very positive one.

So, please remember: I am here to help.

Feel free to ask me anything at any time. I’ll never be putting you under pressure, but I am more than happy to have a chat and go into any aspect of this franchise is more detail. This is just a chance for both us to look at how an Eggless Cake Shop franchise can help you create that future you know you deserve.

All you need to do is click the button at the bottom of this email to schedule a call.