Ongoing Costs & Earnings

Ongoing Costs

Of course, the vast majority of the money you make as a business owner stays with you. Also, unlike most other franchises, the Eggless Cake Shop franchise does not charge any ongoing Management Service Fees.

However, there are still certain costs involved in maintaining our partnership. This will primarily be through buying your stock exclusively from us, but you will also be expected to make regular financial contributions to our marketing fund.


Earning Potential

An Eggless Cake Shop franchise has great potential for bringing you a rapid and substantial return on your investment thanks to its low start-up costs, and low operational overheads. Most of our franchisees enjoy a profit margin of between 22% and 26%.

Exactly how much you can expect to earn from your franchise can vary a great deal, of course, depending on a variety of factors such as location and the local market. However, based upon experience to date, a well-performing shop can expect to enjoy operating profits between £45 – £65,000 by the end of Year One.

Please note that these figures are for illustration purposes only. Once you have signed a non-disclosure agreement, we will be able to share more in-depth financial data from our current operations and help you more accurately assess the earning potential of your proposed location.