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Our stores are an obvious draw for customers who are looking for egg-free, gluten-free, and vegan cakes, from vegetarians and coeliacs to allergy sufferers. However, they have a mass appeal far beyond just this niche market, and offer a delicious alternative for those who are looking for different options in their diet and lifestyle.

The sale of free-from foods has been growing year-on-year, and while many customers now expect to see these options available almost everywhere in one form or another, there is still a very limited choice in most outlets. Usually they’re just a paltry selection tucked away in a corner somewhere: just an afterthought to the main offering, but one which generally has a vastly inflated price tag attached.

Now anyone and everyone can walk into one of our cake stores and find the perfect delicious treat for them, and to share with others (or not – we don’t judge!), However, the one thing our cakes are not free from are serious amounts of deliciousness, meaning we can also welcome a much wider market of cake lovers of all ages, of all cultures and for all occasions.


Our vast range of colourful, freshly baked cakes and treats have a universal appeal that is proving to be simply impossible to resist!

This is no fad – this is the future of cakes.

The internet is full of fantastic reviews of our Eggless Cake Shop stores. Here are just a few to give you a taste:

Got my friend his birthday cake from here and he absolutely loved it. Cake was light and lovely, the filling deliciously flavourful. Not too sugary and completely vegan! I can see why they have 4.9 stars, I have no complaints and worth every penny!

The shop is new and modern, polite staff , quick turn-around time and the cake was delicious. Loved the fresh cream cake, perfect and rightly made. It stayed fresh for couple more days in the fridge. The sponge was super soft and couldn’t believe it is eggless .Will definitely recommend to others and you won’t be disappointed!

If I were to describe my experience in a single word – “fantastic”. My family and I are vegetarians and are very particular about cakes without eggs. Eggless Cake shop is the perfect solution to our needs. The quality of the cakes is excellent. The staff are super friendly and the owners of the place make it their mission to serve with quality. Overall, a great place and superlative experience.